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PCA NEWS April 2018

Airport Runway

We are very grateful to our Councillor Brian McDonagh for
raising the matter of the proposed appointment of Fingal
County Council as the competent authority to monitor aircraft
noise at Dublin Airport. The matter was raised at the Howth
Malahide Area Committee meeting. The Minister will shortly
receive a letter from the group expressing their dismay at
the action of the Minister. As you know Fingal County Council
who are excellent in most of the services they provide are the
most unsuitable organisation to undertake the monitoring.

Bird Boxes and Benches

The Men’s Shed have produced excellent bird boxes which
we are in the process of distributing throughout the village to
encourage more wild bird nesting in our area. The majority of
the boxes have been given to the schools with the remainder
being given to local householders. (See picture).
It is important to remember that if you have been feeding
our wild birds through the winter you should continue to do
so in the summer and autumn to maintain numbers
We have also funded some benches which will be installed in
the centre of the village in the next few weeks. This work has
been made possible by the grant and prize we received from
the Tidy Towns Organisation.

Shelter at the Beach Entrance

Work on the renovation of the shelter at the beach should
be under way by the time you are reading this. The concrete
work should be completed rapidly after which landscape
improvements will be undertaken. Hopefully everything will
be ready for the summer season.

Railway Station

A group from the PCA met with the representatives from
Iarnrod Eireann to enquire about improvements that are
needed to the station and surrounds. We had a good
meeting and are hopeful of a positive response. Among
the matters raised were ; Graffiti under the bridge and on
walls at the Dublin end of the platform, planting of bulbs
of the embankment behind the inward platform, provision
of planters between the shelters for summer and autumn
flowers. The surveyor also mentioned that he would address
improvements to the handrails and boundary fence on the
outward platform. We also looked at a general tidy up in the
area at the ticket office.
If you see any urgent issue that should be brought to
the attention of Irish Rail contact the station master at
Malahide Railway Station 01 – 8286960. He is responsible for
Portmarnock station

Wildflower Meadow in the Park at the rear of Woodlands
and Ardilaun

The Parks Department will be commencing a programme to
establish wildflower meadows in this area over the spring
and summer. A small number of football pitches at the PSLC
end will be retained and the remainder left over to nature.
Walkers will be accommodated through the provision of cut
pathways. The PCA are hopeful that we can establish natural
woodland in parts of this area in the future.

Velvet Strand

Despite all the inclement weather we have experienced in
the past couple of months the beach is in excellent condition.
After the snow and storms in early March there was a lot of
sand movement and exposure of rock. While this erosion may
seem to be damaging it has no real long term consequences.
The sand is removed at one point on the coast but it is
deposited elsewhere. You will have also noted that there
was a lot of deposition of seaweed and dead fish after the
storms. This material will rot and provide organic matter
and nutrients for sea scutch and Marram grass to establish
and form new dunes. Unfortunately along with the natural
materials deposited you will also see lots of plastic, products
used to clean teeth and to apply cosmetics. We have got to
find other ways to make ourselves beautiful!.

Beach Cleaning commences on Saturday 14th April. 10.00am
at the Kiosk. All are welcome


People have varying opinions about Ivy. Many think it is
damaging to walls and it will allow dampness into buildings.
They believe it is unsightly and an indication that a person is
not “taking care” of their property.
If you look at old stone walls there is no doubt that it gets
into old lime mortar and will eventually cause the walls
to fall as the stems of the ivy expand. On old mature trees
it increases the load the trunk of the tree has to bear and
makes them more susceptible to blowing over in the wind.
Many of the trees on the backroads around Portmarnock
appear vulnerable to me on superficial observation while I
drive by.
There are however, great benefits to having Ivy. It is a native
plant and plays host to large numbers of insects and other
bugs. It is therefore a great source of juicy meals for many of
our small birds. The Holly Blue, a charming small blue winged
butterfly feeds on the nectar of both holly and ivy flowers.
I see them in my garden every year. It is very unlikely that
ivy will damage modern walls as it finds it very difficult to
penetrate cement plaster.
I cut it back every 3 years so that it does not become too
heavy a load for the wall to bear. In conclusion it is not good
on old stone walls but is hugely beneficial in our gardens and
much prettier to look when compared to concrete blocks
(Pat Suttle 087 248 6287).

Contacting the PCA: 

If you wish to contact the PCA on
any issues in our community or volunteer for any of our
committees why not call us 087 248 6287 (leave a message)
or email portmarnock1@gmail.com. You can visit our
website/Facebook at www.portmarnock.org

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New Houses at Station Manor open for viewing  7th and 8th April  - 2 to 4pm each day


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PCA Blog is now on our Free Smart phone app. Download it free to your PC or Android smart phone .

The Mobile App has loads of Useful Local links and information


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<h2>A very Happy Easter to All in Portmarnock - from Portmarnock Community Association</h2>

A very Happy Easter to All in Portmarnock - from Portmarnock Community Association

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Honeyhoney Cafe opening in Portmarnock Village in April 2018

A new  Speciality Coffee Shop called the HoneyHoney Cafe is opening in April 2018 down in the village where The Wooden Spoon  used to be . ( Beside Smyths Butchers )

They will be selling Speciality Coffe Breakfast and Lunch !  They are hiring staff at the moment. Contact details on Cafe Window

Website is under construction www.honeyhoneycafe.com

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Portmarnock and District Men’s Shed working Shoulder to Shoulder With PCA and Local Community

The concept of the Men’s Shed is to provide a place where all men are welcome, regardless of background and ability. Each man is a teacher and a learner with different levels of skills to share, professional and practical, and in doing this they can help out in the wider community. The focus on men’s health and wellbeing, both physical and mental, has been enhanced by the ‘Sheds for Life’ initiative of the Irish Men’s Shed Association and the launch in July 2017 of a men’s health website (www.malehealth.ie) which provides easy accessible information on specific and relevant topics.

 The Portmarnock & District Men’s Shed has been in existence since May 2017 working in a premises generously donated by the White Sands Hotel. The premises includes a portakabin and all services. The speed of its development has been incredible. Now that the refurbishment of their premises is nearing completion the Portmarnock & District Men’s Shed has set out a plan to enhance the social and recreational aspects of the Shed. With the generous sponsorship of Magnet Networks who supply high speed broadband, the members of the Men’s Shed have begun training on making better use of PC and smartphone applications. 

Following a successful trip to the Woodwork, Hobby & Craft Fair in Naas late in 2017, the programme for 2018 includes a planned trip to Leinster House in the coming weeks, and continues throughout the year with outings to the Guinness Store House, Kilmainham Gaol Museum and the Decorative Arts & History Museum at Collins Barracks. 

The Portmarnock & District Men’s Shed have recently completed one of their first major projects; the construction of four tables and eight benches (shown above) to be used by their sponsor the White Sands Hotel. 

This project provided a significant learning experience for members through exposure to a complete range of skills from design to construction to final finishing. This would have been a major project for any such group but to achieve this level of quality output after such a short time in existence is truly impressive. 

The Portmarnock & District Men’s Shed PDMS are quick to acknowledge that none of this would be possible without the generosity of the Hotel as well as donations from the wider community and the ongoing co-operation and encouragement of Fingal County Council. “I am delighted and appreciate all the hard work that has gone in to this project” said Barry, the General Manger of the White Sands Hotel. “I hope all our customers enjoy the views of Portmarnock beach and its surrounds. 

Thanks to the Men’s Shed and its members for their help”. With a desire to add value to the community the Portmarnock & District Men’s Shed have a number of projects ongoing. The group continue to work on behalf of St Rosalie’s Care Centre, Portmarnock with a project that entails the complete renovation of garden furniture including repairing and repainting. 

We have accepted a request from the PCA to construct a range of items for the Portmarnock Adventure Club Hall, including three benches and four planters, as well as up to forty bird boxes for use within the wider community.

 The PDMS premises is located at the rear of White Sands Hotel and is open from Monday to Friday with flexible hours depending on what activities are underway.

 Monday to Friday from 09.00hrs to 14.00hrs and a little later on Tuesday and Thursday until 16.00hrs. 

New members are always welcome and you can contact them at portmarnockmensshed@gmail.com or on 086 238 4663. 

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Thefts from cars and cars stolen

Since our last Facebook posting on this subject regarding thefts from cars and stolen cars last week we believe the reports given to us regarding cars stolen may have been incorrect. Regardless of the number of cars stolen there is truth in that there  were certainly a lot of cars that were broken into including Austrian visitors to Portmarnock  .PCA would like to remind all Car owners to ensure they don’t leave any valuables visible in their cars , don’t park in dark or remote places and ensure your car is locked and alarmed at all times . Report any suspicious activity to Malahide Garda Station at 01-6664600

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